Good things take time

IMG_4046Hello Dear friends,

Thank you for the positive feedback that I have received from you. I am indeed humbled and overwhelmed. It’s a great feeling and the credit goes to all of you.

I hope that you have begun the journey towards creating the best version of yourself. This journey is ongoing and constant.

Do incorporate the 4 tips that I have suggested, in a way that they will become a part of your lifestyle so effortlessly that you will start doing it subconsciously .

Our image can have a significant impact on our happiness by affecting the development of our personal, social and professional relationships.

Each one of us is projecting an image, either consciously or unconsciously. It is a part of who you are.

This image of yours, that the world sees, is a physical representation of your thoughts, your attitudes and your beliefs.

The world looks at you and decides who you are and what you are about. They go by the visual clues that they receive and decide who you are on the inside, your values, your interests, your uniqueness and sometimes, even your goals.

It is a reflection of your mind, body and spirit.

This is how your image is working ‘inside out’.

Now here’s the thing, some of us have an intuitive gift of presenting themselves positively. Others simply don’t have that gift.

But the good news is that this skill can be learnt and practiced till it becomes second nature.

So while you have begun on the mission of building a positive self-image, you can simultaneously start on working on your image from ‘outside in’.

In other words, we can now embark on the task of our own image management.

Amongst many meanings that the word ‘management’ has, in this particular context, the word ‘management’ means “the activity of controlling, using or dealing with resources in a way that is effective”

In managing our Image, we have the following resources

  1. Clothes
  2. Etiquette and body language
  3. Grooming practices
  4. Communication (verbal and vocal)

One has to realise these resources are the same for each one of us, and each one uses these as per their discretion.

However, the skill lies in managing these resources in a skilful and scientific manner, in order to achieve the optimum results.

Some people feel that this can be achieved by going to a beauty salon or going for a makeover, or attending a ‘personality development workshop’ or buying expensive branded clothes or even as extreme as opting for a plastic surgery.

The reality is that image management is both an art and a science. It can be learnt and practiced.Thankfully , it is not ‘rocket science’ and its principles are fairly easy to understand and follow.

Once we learn the basic principles, it becomes very easy to practice this art, thus taking us closer to the goal of creating a positive and a genuine image of ourselves.

In my poem, one of my earlier posts, ( I have mentioned the four A’s of image management.

Any time you feel confused and unsure about whether you are projecting a good image, refer to these four A’s

  1. Attractive
  2. Authentic
  3. Appropriate
  4. Affordable

Observe and analyze each of the four resources and ask yourself

Is it attractive?

Is it authentic?

Is it appropriate?

Is it Affordable?

Be honest with your answers and you will see the solution as bright as sunshine before your eyes.

You will not need a ‘consultant’ to give you these answers.

Let’s understand each of these four A’s.


The word attractive, when used in reference to a person’s appearance, is often presumed as ‘beautiful’. However, attractive does not necessarily mean beautiful. It means that when you look at something (in this case, a person’s image), one should  get a feeling of pleasantness and balance .

The need to look attractive and presentable is universal to each one of us, I am sure few will deny this fact.

Don’t we check ourselves in a mirror every time we happen to pass one? And we do that most unconsciously! We check if our hair is in place, our clothes are in order, we check whether we have something stuck in our teeth and sometimes we simply do a quick visual check of our entire look!

So how do we ensure that we look attractive all the time?

Like I said, image management is both an art and a science.

Science and logic will help you understand your body shape, the color of your eyes, hair, skin. It will help you understand your genetic gifts and limitations. Science will tell you how to eat healthy, how to exercise and stay fit.

Knowledge of the arts will help you to work with these constraints and manage the resources in a way that you can project an attractive image.

Begin by taking a close look at your body shape. Imagine an imaginary line being drawn along your silhouette. It will form a certain geometric shape.

Take a good look at this shape. This is your resource.

Broadly, body shape is classifies into these shapes.


Inverted triangle






and last but surely not the least the IDEAL figure!

(Please note, there is no ‘perfect ‘ figure! It is a myth.)

Fortunately, very very few of us are blessed with an ideal figure.

For the others, well, there is good news. They can work with the given body shape and work on ways to make it attractive by using certain techniques.

All the seven body shapes can be made more attractive in a way that the eye perceives that shape to be an IDEAL shape.

For this we use simple techniques of

  • Repeating and reinforcing (the positive features of your body/ face shape)
  • Countering ( taking the eye away from the features that you do not want people to focus on )

Artists, architects and sculptors, have used principles of design to create objects that are attractive and pleasing to the eye.

In the same way, we can use color, line, texture and correct proportions in the choice of clothes so that the silhouette of the clothes becomes more dominant, and the body silhouette becomes subordinate.

So once you have identified the silhouette of yior body and face, what next?

You could seek help of a a good fashion designer and a stylist to help you to pick the right kind of clothes that look flattering on you every single time you wear them.

Is there someone , a celebrity perhaps, whose style sense you admire? Observe him / her closely and the way they dress up. Notice how they stick to certain styles, colours and silhouettes that makes them look attractive at all times. Of course , people who are in the media have the luxury of being groomed by a battery of stylists and beauty experts. Don’t let that intimidate you. You can create your own style and look. You can do it the old fashioned way by creating a look book or a diary. Or you can take help of the internet! There are millions of articles that recommend clothes and looks based on your body shape.

A keen sense of observation, combined with acceptance of your self and your body, can help you create your own unique style.

That’s exactly why certain people always seem to be apprpriately dressed and groomed anytime you see them. Be it at work, at a party, at the gym or even if you meet them on the street buying vegetables!!

An awareness of ones body shape; can also help you to love your body and to look after it. Our bodies are amazing creations. We are stronger that we imagine. Good diet habits and daily exercise can improve your posture and self confidence, which in turn can make tremendous improvement in your appearance.

Similarly, take a good look at your skin,  your hair, and the shape of your face.

Do consult a dermatologist who can guide you on ways of looking after it. Avoid asking friends for advice on hair and skin care. Always consult an expert in the field.

I am not suggesting that everyone should use make up. It is a matter of personal choice.

However, if you do wish to or feel like using it, learn the skill from a professional . It is very empowering.

Make up is a tool , a  resource. Take help from a make up expert to help you choose the correct shades for make up. The sheer options that are available, are enough to make one feel intimidated. Make friends with make up.When used skillfully, it definitely helps to make a person look attractive.

Adopt correct skin care regime to keep your skin healthy and radiant.Because no amount of makeup can make an unhealthy face look attractive.

That said, a healthy and a glowing face, needs no make up to look attractive!

Just like a good artist uses colour, shading techniques , line , form and proportion to create a beautiful work of art, we can use the same principles to make our image attractive from within as well as from the outside.

Remember, you are a masterpiece in progress and, guess what,  you are your own artist .

Next week, I will share more about the second ‘A’

Till then, stay happy, healthy and positive.



P.s. Do share your feedback. Feel free to message me in case you want to discuss any specific element in detail. I would love to share my knowledge with you.




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From textile designer, to fashion designer, to entrepreneur, to image consultant, to internationally certified ‘Heal your life coach’, to a lover of yoga, my journey had been that of discovery and learning. Somewhere along this journey, I also became a wife, a companion, a mother, a daughter in law to being a mother in law myself!!! I’ve come a long way! I enjoy interacting with people and sharing all that I have learnt along this journey. There have been lots of failures but the lessons learnt from these experiences are priceless. I believe that clothes , grooming , body language and appearance have a tremendous impact on not only how we feel but also how others react towards us. However, the most stylish clothes and the best grooming habits are of no use unless we are healthy from within. The key lies in balancing this Image that we project to the world, with the real YOU that the world sometimes fails to see. The image that we project to the world, has to be Authentic, Appropriate, attractive and affordable. Unless we work on this image from Inside out, no matter how much we work on it from outside, it will be inadequate. I help people find their true self, to embrace themselves and accept themselves with all their flaws. Thanks to the teachings of Louise Hays, I believe in the powers of affirmations and positivity. Thanks to yoga, I am more aware of how strong our bodies can be. Yoga taught me awareness and staying in the moment. My only regret is that I wish I had discovered yoga earlier in my life. It’s never to late to start yoga practices and the best time is NOW, no matter how old you are. Through my blog, I am trying to make my readers aware of how easy and exciting this journey of self discovery can be. So, this is how I would like to describe myself. I am an artist, a poet, a fashion designer, a foodie, a mother, a wife, a daughter, a friend, a companion, a caretaker, a dreamer, a realist. I want everything, and want to live to the fullest. I have an opinion about everything and am ever ready to give my advice and opinion , but only when it is asked for and is valued. I am always ready to learn new things and also willing to share whatever knowledge I have gained in the last 5 decades of my life . This is my platform, where I share my thoughts. Feel free to visit and drop your comments.

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  1. *The lines on her face etched the story of a happy life*…..i so believe in this line added with a helping of a good dermat😊

    Keep the musings going…🤗

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  2. Very insightful. Good reminder that beyond clothing, body language and communication are all integral parts of ones image. Do the body types apply to both men and women? I’d like to see examples.

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