Paithani stories – part one!

The human brain is a funny thing. A mere smell or a sound or even a texture can unleash memories so vivid , it would seem as if you are actually experiencing it in present.

The smell of a particular agarbatti, immediately takes me back to my Ajji’s ‘deoghar ‘ ( Puja room) . I can almost see her in her nine Yard saree, making chandan ( sandalwood paste ) for her gods.

The sight of parijat flowers on the ground, transports me to my nani’s house in a small village called Barshi.

All this happens in a nano second, almost like magic. Memories that are tucked away deep in the corner of your heart, become unlocked by these visuals and smells.

As I hold my Paithani in my hands and run my fingers on the delicate weave, I am overwhelmed by the flood of memories that engulf me.

I had draped her for the first time for the naming ceremony of my first born , Nikita .

My Paithani was brand new then. I had personally chosen the colours, the pallu design and the butti motif.

It is considered auspicious to wear black for a naming ceremony .

I was very clear even back then, that my sari for that special day, had to be a Paithani! Having just finished my degree in textiles the year before, I was already head over heels in love with this amazing textile from Maharashtra!

My Paithani looked so resplendent .

In the years that followed I draped her many times for many special occasions.

Every time I draped it, she gave me the same joy and the same happy feeling.

Little did I know that every time I wore it, a new memory was silently getting woven into its silken threads.

Today, 28 years later, she looks as resplendent, as graceful and as beautiful as she did almost 3 decades ago!

As I close my eyes hold the Paithani against my cheek, I can see my son Neel, as a toddler , sitting in my lap for his ‘bor nahan ‘. My Paithani was with me, like a best friend, for that occasion.

When I unfold the Paithani to appreciate the beautiful dancing peacocks on its pallu, I fall in love with it ……again!

I smile, as I remember the compliments I receive every time I wear this saree.

How can anyone not fall in love with this beauty?

I fold it with care , as if to preserve all my memories in it .

I am awaiting eagerly to weave more magical memories into its threads.

Memories that I will pass on as a legacy to my children and their children.

Because , I know for sure, that tomorrow I maybe gone, but my paithani will be there, strong and beautiful as ever. Sharing old memories and weaving new ones into its silken yarns!

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From textile designer, to fashion designer, to entrepreneur, to image consultant, to internationally certified ‘Heal your life coach’, to a lover of yoga, my journey had been that of discovery and learning. Somewhere along this journey, I also became a wife, a companion, a mother, a daughter in law to being a mother in law myself!!! I’ve come a long way! I enjoy interacting with people and sharing all that I have learnt along this journey. There have been lots of failures but the lessons learnt from these experiences are priceless. I believe that clothes , grooming , body language and appearance have a tremendous impact on not only how we feel but also how others react towards us. However, the most stylish clothes and the best grooming habits are of no use unless we are healthy from within. The key lies in balancing this Image that we project to the world, with the real YOU that the world sometimes fails to see. The image that we project to the world, has to be Authentic, Appropriate, attractive and affordable. Unless we work on this image from Inside out, no matter how much we work on it from outside, it will be inadequate. I help people find their true self, to embrace themselves and accept themselves with all their flaws. Thanks to the teachings of Louise Hays, I believe in the powers of affirmations and positivity. Thanks to yoga, I am more aware of how strong our bodies can be. Yoga taught me awareness and staying in the moment. My only regret is that I wish I had discovered yoga earlier in my life. It’s never to late to start yoga practices and the best time is NOW, no matter how old you are. Through my blog, I am trying to make my readers aware of how easy and exciting this journey of self discovery can be. So, this is how I would like to describe myself. I am an artist, a poet, a fashion designer, a foodie, a mother, a wife, a daughter, a friend, a companion, a caretaker, a dreamer, a realist. I want everything, and want to live to the fullest. I have an opinion about everything and am ever ready to give my advice and opinion , but only when it is asked for and is valued. I am always ready to learn new things and also willing to share whatever knowledge I have gained in the last 5 decades of my life . This is my platform, where I share my thoughts. Feel free to visit and drop your comments.

11 thoughts on “Paithani stories – part one!”

  1. Beautiful writing Mruga, i can feel that it has come from deep within .
    Wonderful and apt thinking about projecting ourselves and enjoying the life to the fullest.
    Totally agree.
    You are a role model of fitness, so much to learn from you …


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