Kaju usal

ओल्या काजूची ऊसळ

Usal means a preparation made using a pulse or a sprout.

Kaju usal is made using tender cashews. These tender kaju’s have their skins or kernels intact. It is very rare to procure these since they are available for a limited time of the year. Plus they have a very short shelf life and tase best when consumed fresh.

This usal is very simple and uses my favourite formula. तिखट + मीठ +गूळ + गोडा मसाला. This formula never goes wrong!

My tadka formula is also constant . Oil + mustard seeds +hing + haldi

Start by soaking the cashew nuts in hot water. The hot water helps to remove the kernels easily. Remove their skins, rinse and keep aside.

Make tadka, add the cashews and sauté for a bit.

Add some water and bring to boil. Add the cooked and mashed potatoes to the gravy to thicken it slightly. Adjust the water content as per your preference.

When the mixture starts boiling, add some jaggery, red chilly powder, some Goda masala and salt to taste. Put some grated fresh coconut in it too.

The usal is done when the cashews are cooked.

Garnish liberally with fresh grated coconut and chopped coriander!

Sometimes I skip the potatoes. I grind some grated dry coconut and jeera and add this mixture to to thicken the gravy.

This formula can be used for most usals, be it matki, moong or chawli!

Enjoy with hot polis or even poories, with samras on the side !