Doodhichya salichi chutney

Doodhichya salichi chutney

Doodhi/ lauki/bottlegourd..such an amazing, versatile vegetable. From sweet to savoury to everything in between, there is nothing that this vegetable cannot perform!

I get super excited when I see fresh doodhi. I can think of so many dishes that I could prepare with it.

From soup, to avial, to sambar, to koftas, to halwa, to parathas… the list is endless.

This vegetable is so humble that it does not allow a single shred to be wasted.

The white tender fleshy inside is what is consumed most.

But guess what, the peels can be used to make a nice spicy dry chutney. Incidently the peel has the maximum nutrients.



Just grate the doodhi outer peel, stopping just before the whites start showing. Keep aside.

You will need

  • Finely chopped green chillies (quantity according to your spice tolerance level and also according to the variety of chillies)
  • Sesame seeds
  • The “tadka kit” (oil, hing, haldi, mustard seeds)
  • An iron kadhai ( this gives a nice colour to the chutney and also increases the iron content in it)

In the kadhai, make a tadka, add sesame seeds and green chillies. Roast lightly.

Then add the grated doodhi peels.

Keep roasting in low flame, stirring constantly, till the mixture becomes crisp. Add salt to taste.

Cool and store in an airtight container. This chutney lasts upto a week.

Tastes best with Bhakri or even with hot steamed rice with toop and salt.

There are many variations of this preparations.

Sometimes I like to add grated dry coconut too. In the absence of green chillies, you may add red chilly powder. Just add it after the mixture becomes crisp, so that the powder does not burn.

Not only is this chutney nutritious, it can also instantly pep up a boring meal.




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